Heart Rate Monitors – Your Essential Guide

What is a heart-rate monitor?

Monitoring your heart rate is easy: If you’re living, you’ve got one. A heart rate monitor allows you to effectively train at your target heart rate for optimal results during competition. First, you’ve got to understand how monitors work. Most look like wristwatches and combine timekeeping functions with heart monitoring. For constant heart rate readout, purchase one with a chest strap transmitter that sends heart data to the wrist unit. Devices without a chest strap provide heart rate data but only when you are touching the unit with your hand. If you decide on buying one, lower you can find a few examples of what’s available, plus some characteristics.

One of the leading manufacturers is VitalsPro (www.vitalspro.com), which offers, amongst many other, these products:


Vitals Pro is the world’s most advanced home health monitoring systems elderly that can provide real-time cardiac health insights anytime anywhere. It is the most convenient and revolutionary health monitoring devices for elderly that can help you take care of your heart health effectively. If you need smart health monitoring devices then Vitals Pro is the right choice.

Vitals Pro offers an effortless way to monitor your cardiac health well fitted in modern lifestyle. World’s first clinically proven wearable device ( available as smart watch & wristband) who provides real time complete clinical grade cardiac health insights and alerts before a heart attack, cardiac arrest or a stroke – anytime, anywhere.

“The only medical grade heart health monitoring device that can alert you hours before a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke.”

Vitals Pro wearable smart watch and wristbands are fitted with the most advanced sensors, critical health alert system and our proprietary machine learning algorithm that allow users to track real-time clinical-grade health vitals and to get instant health alerts anytime anywhere. Through Vitals Pro app based service you can get medical grade complete cardiac health insights within minutes and share it with your doctor or health service provider.

Polar AXN 700

This heart rate monitor offers a complete set of features for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing or other outdoor activities. It has a titanium case and the following additional features: resting heart rate test, slope counter, 3 sets of heart rate limits and bearing setting. Amongst the usual specs of a heart rate monitor, you can also find:

HeartTouch™, button-free operation of wrist unit – lap information can be momentarily displayed by touching the Polar wrist unit to the chest transmitter belt.

Polar OwnCode® prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors. As more and more people use heart rate monitors today, preventing cross talk from other devices in-group situations at the gym or when jogging with a friend becomes essential. The unique coded technology blocks unwanted signals from other heart rate monitors, ensuring disturbance-free transmission of your heart rate data.

Another manufacturer is Reebok (www.reebok.com), where I found a few designs of heart rate monitor, presented below:

Reebok Personal Trainer Heart Monitor – It measures your heart rate to ECG accuracy. Displays time of day, calendar, and has a daily alarm function. Scan Sequence – Just press a button, a unit will display average heart rate, highest & lowest heart rate and total exercise time. Contour Lite Transmitter included.

Reebok Precision Trainer Monitor

It has a heart rate zone high / low limit in 1 beat steps for exact heart zone, an out of zone alarm audible warning when out of the zone. It displays heart rate and percentage of maximum heart rate. You don’t have to calculate what the percentages should be since it does that for you. For example 99 Hour stopwatch with 50 lap memory plus an accumulated time in the targeStop Watch, Heart rate and percentage of maximum heart rate or, Time in Zone, Heart rate and percentage of maximum heart rate.t zone. The triple display is its the main feature, which makes it special, a can be swapped trough: Time of Day, Heart rate and percentage of maximum heart rate or,

For more information on heart-rate monitors, you should visit the following sites:



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