Easy Solutions For Transporting Your Power Wheelchair

Mobility aids are definitely required when you have an elderly member in your family, or you have in your care a person who has become immobile to some extent for whatever reason. Now, there are so many available choices for mobility aids. In the past, you would think as the wheelchair of the only mobility aid that you can get for the person concerned. But today, there are many products you can choose from! You can choose to get a power wheelchair, for starters. You can also choose the mobility scooter! Both of these options tackle to problem of immobility in a more fashionable manner.

And when you get any of these, another problem inevitably surfaces. This is the problem of transporting these mobility aids from one place to another. Fortunately, there are also a lot of products that can help you deal with this problem. You have the scooter lift, mobility lifts, wheelchair carriers, and wheelchair ramps. The concept of mobility is not too difficult to grasp for these aids. Carriers for vehicles have even been designed for the safe transport of a whole vehicle from one place to another. Surely the transport of wheelchairs and mobility scooters are easier, right? Indeed, it is!

What’s more, you are actually given a lot of options for these as well! For instance, with wheelchair carriers, you can choose to get one with automatic features. This wheelchair carrier comes with a drive lift that is operated by a motor. This lift easily picks the wheelchair to any direction, to provide you easier access to it. The automatic wheelchair carrier can also be placed right on top of your vehicle, without giving you any worries about the gadget falling off. This is because it comes with automatic locking mechanisms as well.

Scooter lifts can be effortlessly attached at the back of your vehicle, which in turn, provides easier storage of your mobility scooter. Thus, wherever your destination may be, you can conveniently mount the mobility scooter at the back of your vehicle. Most scooter lifts also come with locking mechanisms, so falling off would never be an issue here.

As for wheelchair ramps, the popular choices are actually the portable ones. One particular favorite is the roll up ramp. By the name itself, this ramp can actually be rolled up via its specially designed hinges, making it very portable. What’s more, most roll up ramps are made of aluminum, so weight is not a problem here at all. Now, this is a pretty cool mobility solution for the problem of immobility.

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