Smart-Watch to Protect you from the Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, and Strokes

The Heart diseases are number one killer today. According to world health organization and American heart association 17.5 million people died from heart diseases last year, Where 80% of all deaths were the result of heart attack and strokes.

Over the years medical experts have been looking for ways to reduce CVD mortality rate most of the solutions are: Frequent medical checkups, engaging in non-strenuous exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day, avoid tobacco & smoking, and limiting of salt intakes. However, these methods developed by the medical experts have gone a long way in curbing death by CVD.

A start-up company named Vitals Pro announced the launch of their wearable cardiac health monitoring device which is available as smart-watch and wristband. This device is specially made with many unique features, and enables users to easily monitor their cardiac health in modern lifestyle. The company has said that it is the first device, which can provide real-time medical grade heart health insights and it could save millions of lives every year from stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest. Also, it’s the first portable and user-friendly medical device that can give real-time alerts before a cardiac arrest and stroke will occur, it will also notify family Doctor of client situation anytime-anywhere.

VITALS PRO remains passionate regarding helping cardiac patients and people across the world to enhance their cardiac health and then prevent critical cardiovascular diseases through early detection, positive recommendations, and clinical grade monitoring.

The company is now inviting medical professionals, cardiologists, and heart patients to visit their official website to learn more, pre-order and review the quality and accuracy of Vitals Pro’s clinical grade bio-sensing features around the world. The product is available for pre-order on their website and should be shipping to medical professionals by May 2017.

About Vitals Pro

Vitals Pro is pioneering the creation of medical grade bio-sensing wearable devices and real-time critical health alert technologies to enable proactive heart care and is recognized around the world for transforming cardiac care. The company’s research and development team was led by V. Pathak, well known IT engineer, inventor, and IOTs expert. VITALS PRO is the first product of this series and company is passionate to bring new updated version of VITALS PRO with new features in coming years. Learn more at

Introducing VITALS PRO smart health monitoring devices who provides real-time medical grade health vitals and alert users hours before a heart attack cardiac arrest or a stroke. This device is developed by world’s top researchers and cardiologists and provides most accurate heart health insights without compromising user’s lifestyle and daily routine. This company is pioneering the creation of ultra modern and user-friendly wearable health monitoring devices that enable proactive heart care. These are the world’s best health monitoring devices developed by any company for cardiac patients and elderly people who are above 30 years.

This company remains passionate regarding helping cardiac patients and people across the world to enhance their cardiac health by developing medical grade monitors and personal health monitoring devices that can help users through early detection of heart disease, positive recommendations, and clinical grade monitoring.

Nowadays because of increasing heart diseases and high mortality rate, there is a huge requirement for wearable health monitoring devices as well as home health monitoring systems elderly around the world. If you need medical grade heart rate monitor or health monitoring devices for elderly then Vitals Pro is the right choice.


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